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And Kate was spotted taking the fresh-faced youngster out for a spin in her vintage MG Midget.

British supermodel Kate Moss, is the biggest model on the planet.

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Yahoo Answers But I have seen this situation happen so many times that is just plain wrong now.

Best Answer There's something seriously emotionally wrong with any 18 yr old legal ADULT who would want to date a 13 yr old CHILD. Senior Dating In SA - Online Dating For The Over 40s.

Young by even Madonna’s standards, the iconic supermodel has a 24-year-age gap between herself and rumoured new love, Jake Curtis.

The fact that Jake – who quotes Bananas in Pyjamas as one of his liked TV shows on Facebook – is far closer in age to Kate's daughter Lila, 13, doesn’t seem to bother her.

“They first met nearly a year ago, and their friendship turned to romance as they grew closer,” said the source. I don’t think James cares at all about who she is; they really seem to like each other.” James owns a company called Advanced Multimedia Partners.

“He installs communication equipment and high-definition TVs for large corporations,” the source tells Star.

I have met many 13 year old girls and have never fallen in love in them except to this girl who looks like she's at least 16.

I've heard people say it's illegal and some say it's legal to date minors here in Canada.

In 2008, we heard plenty of stories about how Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daddy and fiance, Casey Aldridge, was fooling around with other women behind her back.

Multiple women spoke to the tabloids with stories about how Aldridge was wooing them while Spears was either pregnant with Aldridge’s baby or had just given birth to their daughter Maddie, now one and a half.

Casey and Jamie Lynn seemed to reunite for a while, although there were stories last summer that they were calling off their engagement and breaking up.