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Harden is averaging a team-high 27.8 points (also a career high) and 7 assists per game—but rest assured he isn't having a career year because he's been splitting his focus between basketball and Khloe.You can't really fault him for that, since that's his job, but Khloe certainly deserves a guy who's in it to win it with no guarantee of an easy-breezy personal life, either), it is just difficult to devote the sort of time that's necessary to nurturing an off-court relationship. Khloe need look no further than to Kim Kardashian, who before realizing that she and Kanye West were meant to be tried to make it work with NFL star Reggie Bush (who was just testing the superstar waters) and NBA player Kris Humphries (who ultimately could only handle basketball and nothing else).In 2005 February, along with Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley, Chris Webber was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.Chris only played 18 games out of during the 2006-07 season."I didn't know what to expect when I met Chris.

I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, Well, I don't know him.

Truth or rumor, when news that the basketball player was splitting hit the internet Saturday (August 26), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary.

It seems everyone had an opinion on the matter: Based on the facts (Webber spotted alone with a cute sweater), is there trouble in paradise or is it much ado about nothing?

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Chris Webber, 44, and his partner had split up.

Is the American basketball player really single again? (read more)Webber spotted alone A fan spotted Chris Webber walking alone, probably coming back from picking up his mail at the end of his several mile long driveway, on the afternoon of August 25, 2017. “Definitely yes,” says the fan, adding that “He was wearing a large sweater and looked really cute! A rep for Chris Webber was not immediately available for comment.

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