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Chances are your organization is adopting cloud computing in one way or another -- or in multiple ways.Understanding the skills you need and how cloud affects IT operations and networking will help you adapt.

The new My Plan Plus plans from Optus will let you use two SIMs in separate devices, but aggregates the data used into a single account; there's no additional charge for hooking up a second device beyond a one-off setup fee.This new plan structure is also available to existing accounts — if you're already an Optus customer, you're able move to My Plan Plus for the remainder of your contract.The new LUMIX DC-GH5 truly sets the gold standard in professional 4K video shooting performance and hybrid photography, introducing a trio of world-firsts that make it an undisputed leader in its class.Find the trim kit installation diagram for your Panasonic microwave oven to easily turn it into a stylish, built-in unit. Have a look at compatible microwave & trim kit models.It'll certainly be cost-competitive with low-quota ADSL and NBN plans.

There's an availability checker, which will presumably make sure that Optus' 4G Plus network — which has support for 300Mbps Category 6 and 450Mbps Category 9 download speeds in place, with a compatible device — has adequate coverage over your household.As of today, there's no reason to pay a second bill for mobile Internet access on your tablet.Optus has announced a number of new plans that let customers pay one combined fee for mobile network access on multiple devices — like a smartphone and a tablet — without any additional charges.Optus calls it Home Wireless Broadband; it's really pushing the simplicity and ease of use of the service, talking about "simple, flexible internet access in no time".And it's true that a mobile broadband connection is -easy, with no installation required beyond actually plugging that Wi-Fi hotspot into your power point and connecting to the wireless with your smartphone or tablet or laptop.Create your personalised profile to keep track of your purchases.