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16th June 2017 Marianna and John (USA), 11th June 2017 Nina and Jesse (USA), 27th May 2017 Anna and Steve (Australia), 21st May 2017 Anastasia and David (USA) Got Married!!!

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If you are already in Kiev we would be very pleased to invite you to our office in center of Kiev where we can make a search together.

In this case we can give you advices concerning each lady because we know them personally. * We will supply our client with the lady's contact details after having received his payment.

id=1) and Nelly from Verification team (see her picture here: Rita was acknowledged as one of the Best employees of the year for her outstanding contribution to work on the tours of the company.

Nelly was awarded for her contribution to the improvement of the agencies' work.

In their turn the customers always find the way to share their gratitude. Please accept our apologies for all the possible inconveniences you may face.

It is a real pleasure for the ladies from our department to receive "Thank you" letters, small gifts and flowers. Maintenance works We would like to inform you that our website will not be working on the 2nd of March from 12 a.m. Annual awarding of the best employees of the company Recently there was the official annual awarding of the best employees of 2004 in our company.After the lady has replied to our client, then our mission of introducing the client to a lady is completed.* If the correspondence between the client and the lady fell for whatever reason (by either side) then unfortunately we will not be in a position to offer our client any refund or any other introduction free of charge.23rd June 2016 Viktoria and Shiraz (Canada) 12th June 2016 Karyna and Gavin (New Zealand) GOT MARRIED! 2nd October 2015 Ekaterina and Graham (United Kingdom) GOT MARRIED!12th August 2015 Margarita and Stephane (Canada) GOT MARRIED!When more than 2 years ago I organized a web page called Russian women Black List, my aim was to list disreputable and fraudulent services from international introduction industry.