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During this time, when a single falcon is present in the box, look for the bird to lean forward and while pushing with its talons, use it's breast to form the substrate into a “scrape” where the eggs will be laid. March The two birds will frequently be seen leaning forward toward each other which is a part of courtship known as bowing. They don't start incubating until they've laid their next to last egg.

Both adults incubate the eggs, which should hatch in about 30-34 days.

In the meantime, some European Honeybees rediscovered the box and apparently are deciding to call it home again. Nonetheless, those of you who pledged will still get a chance to guess a species. Again, I’ll shortly be emailing the link to do this as well as other Birdathon followup.

Check out this 2 min clip from around 3PM on May 23rd of how fast they got to work. Pete 5/15/17 Wynne kindly (and gently) let me now that Steve mentioned the 100th Birdtahon species in his recap. Pete 05/14/17 Hmmmm, it appears the LED’s that provide the night time infrared view of the cavity are no longer working. Pete 4/21/16 I think you all know that I don’t often make a pitch for support.

So, once the BNOW fledglings are no longer returning to the cavity and it’s vacant for a while – which is what typically and eventually happens – I will go up there and install a new camera (the one that’s there is REALLY old), In the meantime, the cavity is being partially “lit up” by the infrared LED’s from the PTZ cam, so that’s why you can still see a little bit there at night. However, as we approach the end of April, the “2017 Starr Ranch Birdathon Month”, I’m really hoping you will consider making a pledge.

Pete 5/12/17 Finally – The 2017 Starr Ranch Birdathon Recap is done! The cost of cams and other hardware, plus the streaming are just a part of the expense of keeping everything running at Starr Ranch.

The flaming A logo is approximately 18" tall at its highest point.

The cam is cleared every morning at approximately a.m. Since the young falcons start to fly within 42 days of hatching, this is the time the adults start to bait the youngsters out of the box on trial flights.Prior to that, they will be going through wing-strengthening flapping on a very regular basis.The Port is located on the upper Texas coast at the mouth of beautiful Galveston Bay, just 30 minutes steaming time from the open sea.From this location, luxurious cruise ships representing Carnival and Royal Caribbean depart Galveston throughout the year.The months of May and June will be extremely active months filled with activity from both the adults and the nestlings.