Amazon instant video linux updating player

So I've decided to upload Fresh Player Plugin to the main Web Upd8 PPA so you can test it easily and stay up to date with the latest code from GIT.

That's why Rinat Ibragimov decided to create this wrapper so Firefox users can use the latest Pepper Flash from Google Chrome.

On the discussion page, there seems to be some fixes, mostly for Ubuntu 64 Bit operating systems. Thanks to one particular post by Erik, I found a solution that seems to work on 32 Bit Ubuntu systems. # Back these up if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

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After a lot of searching on-line, I found a discussion about the topic on Amazon’s Customers Discussions web site.

It appears that Amason’s Instant Videos, Flash, and Ubuntu all of a sudden don’t get along. sudo apt-get install hal # Remove cached junk from Adobe and Macromedia.

Why spend extra money to buy a TV with features that might not even work in a few years when you could buy a – 0 box that you can plug into your TV which will probably offer more functionality…

and which will certainly be cheaper to replace if and when it becomes obsolete than the TV itself?

Not so long ago I was telling you about Fresh Player Plugin, a new wrapper that's currently in alpha, which allows Linux users to use Pepper Flash (which is bundled with Google Chrome) in Firefox and other NPAPI-compatible web browsers.

Well, in just over a week, Fresh Player Plugin evolved a lot and in my test, I actually didn't encounter any major issues: the sound works, video playback works with You Tube and other websites, full-screen videos work with multi-monitor setups, etc.The list of supported hardware used to include devices running Google TV software.But Amazon is pulling the plug on Google TV support on September 14th.But arguably it also doesn’t make sense for Amazon to continue to support unpopular platforms at a time when there are other platforms used by more people.Still, it’s one reason why I’m a proponent of avoiding Smart TVs and using smart TV boxes instead.My family regularly view videos from Amazon’s Instant Video.