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Famous Leo-Aquarius Couples: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds, Gracie Allen and George Burns Sparks and chemistry abound in this hot wired, tense and exciting combination of heart, mind and will. The lioness is dumbstruck with how different he is, how daring, how he just does whatever he wants and doesn’t seem to care what others think. It’s hard to resist the experience of being stalked by a BIG game hunter.

You can hang out and be friends but she’ll likely let you know what’s up in a matter of a few encounters.

Your sometimes insufferable conceit is definitely a plus in surreptitiously courting the Queen’s favor.

All romances hurt and this one, with the brinkmanship from the very start, will certainly hurt them both.

This pairing of fixed signs is the star-crossed love that’s meant to teach both forgiveness – in spades.

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of Aquarius man and Leo woman can hardly be called boring and mediocre: mutual attraction and repulsion, total absorption of each other and rejection of views - a volcano of passions boils in such a union, leaving no one indifferent.

The bright and freedom-loving Leo woman always seeks to win the territory, achieve complete submission of the man and clarity in the relationship.Rhett Butler was played in the movie “Gone with the Wind” by Aquarian Clark Gable. Especially the scene early on where he’s hiding on the couch and sits up and shocks the drama queen, Miss Scarlett O’Hara.Be full of such surprises, deliver the shock treatment and never, EVER quiver when the lioness roars.She felt herself drawn to him like a magnet the first time she meet him. She felt as light as a cloud the first time she looked into them.Being the proud Leo she is, she did her best to resist, but it did her no good.Leo Woman tends to take herself very seriously in all matters, but will need to learn how to laugh at herself in the long-term with the twists and turns of a courtship with Aquarius Man.