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She was a huge fan of the trio’s “Just 2 Guyz,” made in their pre- days, which featured Samberg in a walk-on role as a dude named Steve, memorably described in the sketch as, well, think of the worst word you can call a woman. ’ He always says he saw like, heart bubbles.” Mazel for them!

“When I met him, he was kind of shy,” she told Meyers.

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on a Monday, she only just ate breakfast, at an old-timey restaurant in Los Feliz.There's a nearby bird sanctuary she's curious to visit next. "He had the biggest crush on her." Five years after being introduced by mutual friends, he's still smitten."They have great chemistry," says the pal about the pair, who prefer quiet date nights at home to late nights out at clubs. PHOTOS: All the celeb weddings of 2013 Other attendees include SNL creator Lorne Michaels as well as Adam Sandler.

"Both he and Joanna were crying throughout the speech." PHOTOS: Most successful SNL alum ever The evening before, the happy couple were also toasted at a raucous rehearsal dinner, where many of the comedically gifted guests did stand-up, according to the source. Us was first to break news of the unexpected coupling -- and then of their engagement this past February.

"But your right hand" — which plucks out the melodic line — "is doing a one-two-three that never grounds, never resolves, and that's heaven." Newsom drums her fingers to illustrate, creating a transfixing beat that undulates in and out of phase, then raises her hands to her temples to mime her pre-adolescent skull shattering. "Heaven and earth come together every 12 beats." Newsom bought her Prince William a few years ago at a steep discount — "Lyon & Healy basically sponsored me" — and it squeezes just barely into the back of her Audi SUV, which she has parked, at the moment, in a comically tight space in Los Angeles.

Newsom is a self-described insomniac and although it's nearly 4 p.m.

“I hit the mark at the very beginning of it I got really nervous.

And then once I got a few laughs I was like, ‘Oh, ok!

Sheesh, Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom would make some CUTE babies.