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is underway, already we are seeing some snuggling in the shelter by Sam and Mark W, which has other tribemates raising eyebrows.

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, and that was just one of many surprises the final three hours of the show offered.

What started slowly turned into perhaps the best season of Survivor ever, as even Jeff Probst mentioned during the live reunion.

Amanda was the first castaway to play at least 100 days back in .

Their rivalry was brought up in the first few episodes of this season, though Cirie has yet to go to Tribal Council, so neither has had the opportunity to aggressively target the other.

A favorite was destined to win after Natalie was voted out in fourth place, and ultimately, Parvati faced only Amanda at the final Tribal Council.

That’s because the final three women–an alliance of favorites formed on the very first day–were broken up by one final, unexpected immunity challenge.

Playing it cool, the two didn’t admit their feelings for each other (on camera at least) until the very end of the game, and even then they held back.

It wasn’t till filming wrapped up that the two became a full on perfect couple with their perfect family!

He helped his Aitu tribe mates throw one of the first challenges of the season to eliminate Billy Garcia; a contestant viewed as lazy and dead weight to his tribe.

When the tribes switched from four to two, Ozzy ended up on the Aitu tribe and was instantly cast out of all alliances.

On day 19, players were given the opportunity to mutiny and join the opposing tribe.