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Ironically, it was her work off-camera that brought Lathan one of her more successful roles as the voice of the unflappable Donna Tubbs in "The Cleveland Show" (Fox, 2009-13).

Whether she was cast in a high-octane action movie or as a member of an ensemble family drama, Lathan consistently brought an undeniable realism and integrity to each and every performance.

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Still saddled with grief two years after her death, Alex's once-promising career has come to a standstill.The camera pulls in on the dashboard as he tries, in vain, to restart it.Next to the empty gas gauge, the temperature gauge shows stone cold. If you have a comment or update for the information we have listed for actor Arly Jover, please share with us in the comments below or suggest an edit for us to improve our site for other visitors. Discuss the height & weight of Arly Jover in the comments…Even if you overlook all that, “A Prominent Patient” would still be a train wreck for its godawful script and muddled structure.