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It is easy to keep track of your work with the Tasks feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Not only can you build tasks for yourself, but also create tasks for other people.

Primarily, these changes were made in response to customer feedback about the way calculations were impacted when resources entered overtime work.

For this release we’ve clarified the definition of the Peak field and the Assignment Units field which previously had some functional overlap but now fill more defined, separate, roles.

Tasks and Task Lists have been in Share Point for many versions, but I’ve yet to see any customer really take serious advantage of them.

Over the years I’ve written a myriad of “My Tasks” web parts using Share Point Search or the Share Point object model to roll up tasks across sites and site collections.If you wish, you can skip the introductions and go straight to the code.Since I still see a lot of confusion from my customers around Task Aggregation, I wanted to start out by showing where to access this feature, how to set it up properly (requires a manual step for each user), and what capabilities it has to manage your tasks (really powerful! You can find your aggregated tasks in your One Drive for Business (aka My Site, Personal Site, Sky Drive Pro) site collection, at the All page, using a URL similar to the following: If you’ve read my post explaining the left nav links on the My Site Host, you’ll remember that the Tasks link in the left nav is put there when the personal site is first created.HI Team, I am able to create DBM Service Order, there I assigned Oabor value to the Task and Job. But while doing the time clocking in /DBM/TM_VT Transaction code, Order nuber is coming but in the Task field, no task list is shown.Note: Material is Service mateial and the UM is Min. Method A: Right click the built task First of all, click the Tasks in the navigation pane to display all tasks; secondly right click the built task you will assign, and then click the Assign Task item in the drop down menu.