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Sherilyn Fenn has been confirmed to return and has been promoted alongside the rest of the main cast, yet she's the only major returning character not to have put in an appearance yet.

But one fan favourite has been notably absent, and with six episodes having already passed, fans are getting restless: when will we get to see Audrey Horne?

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Memorabilia from some of Hepburn's best-loved films will also be auctioned, with a personal annotated film script from Breakfast at Tiffany's expected to sell for as much as £80,000.

Her script for 1963 film Charade is valued at up to £25,000.

“Please don’t start taking pictures like the Kardashians, you’re too classy for that! Another fan claimed Audrey and Jeremy, 26, had “changed” into “self-absorbed” people due to their ever-increasing fame, only focusing on photos of themselves rather than the couples they claim to advise.

The writer defended herself against the accusations.

clan’s sexy daughter-in-law Audrey is now the family member creating controversy.

Over the weekend, the Christian blogger and young wife to Matt and Amy‘s son Jeremy posted a seemingly nude photo of herself to her website and social media.

Whatever happened to Audrey, fans want some answers. Twin Peaks airs 2am on Mondays on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV with the Entertainment Pass, in a simulcast with the US.

Twin Peaks airs 2am on Mondays on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV with the Entertainment Pass, in a simulcast with the US airing on Showtime.

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