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Jei besklaidydami nuotraukas mintyse nuklysite į kokį tolimą pasaulio kraštą, neužsimirškite, nes tai – tikrai Lietuva. Lietuvos kraštovaizdis tiek pat įspūdingas, kiek ir žinomiausių, lankomiausių pasaulio šalių.

After the first ballot – which returned 91 votes in favour of the amendment – Vidmantas Žiemelis, member of the Christian Party group, demanded a second vote.In the second ballot, only one more vote in favour would have approved the bill for further hearing.Every time we fall in love, fight with our spouse, enjoy watching a favorite TV show, or feel scared--walking alone at night, we are in part behaving as a human animal with its own unique nature-a nature that essentially stopped evolving 10,000 years ago. Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa re-examine some of the most popular and controversial topics of modern life-and shed a whole new light on why we do the things we do.Reader beware: You may never look at human nature the same way again.It is with good reason that I ought to agree with the conclusions of this book – I have two daughters and no sons.

I have never really thought of myself as beautiful and so it would have been nice to have objective proof of my beauty.

The ruling Conservatives are the most ardent supporters of the bill.

According to them, a more precise constitutional definition of marriage “would create more love”, and “would reject ideological fashions”.

93 MPs voted in favour, 16 voted against, 13 abstained.

In order for a constitutional amendment bill to be adopted, it must go through two votes in the Parliament and be endorsed by at least 94 MPs.

Šinkariuko „Hambetas“)Forms of Intertextuality in Contemporary Lithuanian Drama (Marius Ivaškevičius’ "Madagascar", Sigitas Parulskis’ "P.