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No resumes, no cover letters, just a friendly face. Wirkn is your new personal job search companion, here to help you find and apply to jobs through chat.Remember when you had to walk door to door and drop off your resume, then cross your fingers and hope someone calls you back? With Wirkn: - Just say hi and Wirkn will help you find jobs near you that matches your personality and preference (even if you don’t know anything about job search, you can say hi) - Don’t worry if you have no experience, these jobs are meant to be your first jobs (Netflix binge watching doesn’t count).Some impressive progress is being made, but chatbots are still prone to confusion and misunderstanding.

Universal Basic Income as replacement for the welfare state.

"Every American age 21 would get a k annual grant.

This job is a bit of an interesting one, to be sure. When you present her with James' offer, you'll have to convince her to take it with your powers of Speech-based persuasion (so make sure to have at least a moderate Speech statistical level before attempting this).

Once you've managed to convince Beatrix, she'll scamper off to the Atomic Wrangler Casino.

In contrast to similar chatbots, it does not pretend to be a human, but rather help him in getting information, entertainment and science. In contrast to other web search engines, main assumption of AZBot is delivery of not just a list of information to choose for user - but giving a one, concrete, expected information by user. Software was written in Python programming language.

Do you ever stop and ponder what it would be like if Siri or Alexa possessed the same ability to answer everyday questions, but had a propensity for orgasms, was shaped (more or less) like a human woman, and was way more difficult to explain to your houseguests?

Some are simply meant to entertain, but a growing number are designed to do something useful.

You can now book a flight, peruse the latest tech headlines, and even buy a hamburger from Burger King by typing messages to a virtual helper.

The UBI is to be financed by getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if applying to jobs was as easy and fun as talking to your bff?

- You can even apply to these jobs without ever getting up from your seat (but don’t forget to hit the gym). But time to pause Netflix, and add Wirkn to your bff list.