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I'm asking this because there's a fellow YJ who has done some really great art but seems to be hesitant to show it to the rest of the Y! However, I think that everyone should at least get a look at the great stuff he's done so far. Merry Christmas Thesis.:) ---------------------------------------- -Carin--Retired Pirate--Ravenwitch--Captain of the Crew: Blackguard Crusaders--Manager at Thread to Toe on Epsilon- Re: Fan Arrrt Tuna: First, you need somewhere to host the image.

---------------------------------------- Re: Fan Arrrt Thesis. This usually cannot be a free provider such as Geocities or Angelfire.

;) Laura.: Its not the worst question I've been asked, Beth. IAW Laura.: 7 - announced she wouldnt be back till the end of August.

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Lesbians in porn only do porn so men with "fuck" them (as you put it)? Like the one that had sex with a Parkinson's disease sufferer. They are stereotypes of male fantasies, pure and simple. You're clearly very misinformed about a lot of things. I''m assuming (which is a dangerous thing)that this isn't a guide to label PEOPLE, but to label the terms used.

Also, that's some high level gate-keeping you have going on. Though the language could have been softer, the point is understood: it is very frustrating that the women involved in lesbian porn are not (generally) real lesbians. Edit: Well, I'm not surprised it seems so backwards and misguided to me. sorry, I'm just someone passing by who though that I might offer some qualification.

(Some people greet the chat room, but not this person!

Even more proof that ops don't know what they're doing!!

Fan Arrrt I wanted to point out that a couple of days ago I updated the fan arrrt page with two new entries: lovely sketch of Dipwood by Yari and Aquamarie's incredible Flash paperdoll. ]I'd rather not be Spartacus, or one of his slave revolters, for that matter. They can execute every single soul sailing the Midnight ocean.

[Edit: I am making this a sticky and I encourage people to post praise and more fan art in progress for comment etc.

In 2004, one episode received just under a million viewers in Canada, and over half a million viewers in the US.

The series has won numerous awards, from the Geminis, Writers Guild of Canada and Directors Guild of Canada, and internationally from the Teen Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards, and Prix Jeunesse. During the ninth season in 2010, the series moved to Much Music.

As for Spartacus, it's trial and error here, just please, if you plan to execute us all, don't do it the way the Romans did.

---------------------------------------- Antioch/Vhailor-Back with bigger guns. Re: Fan Arrrt By the way, what's the policy of posting up somebody else's artwork (while giving them the full credit fer it of course)?

---------------------------------------- Re: Fan Arrrt Already sent off an art thingie to the web email -a-doohicky That made so very little sense. sorry)Oh, and I may do commissions :-) MSpaint only though, just ask Need [email protected]: Fan Arrrt Here's a few pieces of art that were done by my crewmate Himral.