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We were sitting in the Grapevine bar, in Oak Lawn, sunk low into two comfy, gloriously ratty old armchairs near the front. ” I said, staring up at the red lantern shaped like a star. “I can’t believe I never got drunk here,” I said, because getting drunk in places like this used to be my specialty.

Connect with black professionals, Christians, beautiful girls and guys in Fort Worth TX. African American online dating in Dallas, Texas at Date, join now and start chatting now! Any Black person who tries to hold White superiority over another Black person to make them feel bad about themselves is just plain sick. I have no problem with White people, and I have no problem with being Black, so I can see this easily.It's atrocious to down talk your own race & favor the others, you can be a black & be a ghetto hoodrat & you can be white & be trailer park trash. If anyone perfer to date outside their race more power to them anyone have a problem with it should mind their businesses.I am possibly being relocated to Dallas and am wondering what the city is like in terms of diversity, dating and meeting new people.

On a recent visit, I goy to look at the beautiful homes and fun "scene" in uptown but I didn't notice much cross-cultural interaction so I am curious if, in general, people hang out in racially mixed groups often?

I often see black women alone, like even that is better than a black man! And most black men I see even attractive ones, seem to pick average looking white girls, and act very proud of this?? That idea reinforces a notion that only the best blacks are good enough for White people, and that's not true.

I mean the self hate is in the people who try to belittle one another in our community.

“It’s my favorite place in Dallas, because it’s all different types.” Gay couples. The woman next to her at the bar wore a tank top, jean cut-offs, and boots.

I stared at a Dallas beauty queen in a tiny black dress and stilettos.

I am also curious about interracial dating - do you see much of that in Dallas? Dallas also seems a little more reserved than I am used to.