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Now that we can actually listen to it, though, it The song doesn't sound like some sappy send-off to her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale the way like her first spot-split anthem, "Used to Love You," did. " and "You're in so much trouble" bits could easily reflect some separation anxiety and anger following their split.Instead, the lyrics ("Put me out of my misery/ Hurry up, come see me" and "I’m thinking things I’ve never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like") appear to peg her budding romance with her co-coach-turned-boyfriend Blake Shelton as the subject for the second time, following "Make Me Like You." But that could just be some clever misdirection on her part. But considering the newness factor hinted in her "so into you totally" and "I'm thinking things I never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like" lines ... (For what it's worth "Make Me Like You" falls fourth on that list, so by her description it'd be one of the sassier entries, too.

The country crooner, 39, told the magazine that their romance was slow to start since they were both going through high-profile breakups when they first met as fellow coaches on the set of The Voice in 2015."We were starting The Voice last year, and I had to sit down and go, ' Look, by the time this thing airs, my life will have completely changed, and we need to talk about this now because it may affect what we talk about on the show,’” Shelton said, recalling his divorce from wife Miranda Lambert last July.

Fortunately for both of them, they were able to bond over their crumbling marriages.

According to Life & Style's latest cover story, show insiders claim “everyone on set sees that Blake and Gwen are falling for one another,” though they’re “trying to keep it on the down-low.” “The chemistry between them is off the charts,” said the insider.

Stefani, 45 and also newly single, split from musician husband Gavin Rossdale in August after 13 years of marriage because she believed he was cheating, according to TMZ.

Like six, seven, eight months of torture, trying to figure out this big secret,” the singer tells in her new cover story.

Shelton announced to his co-workers, “Before we go out there, I want to let everyone know that by the time this airs, I will be divorced.” Stefani appreciated his candor. It went from horrible to, like, hopeful and, like, ' Wow, God, you just don't know what's gonna happen next.’” They recorded a song, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” which has hit number one on the country chart. The split was plagued with rumors of infidelity, including an alleged affair with the couple’s nanny. Stefani picked up the pieces by recording a raw, open album—This Is What the Truth Feels Like—which included the cathartic confessional “Used to Love You.”Stefani stopped hiding her split from Rossdale, thanks to Shelton. She’s talking about her divorce from Gavin Rossdale, her husband of 13 years, with whom she shares three children.Representatives for Shelton and Stefani did not respond to requests for comment.The boyish country singer also teased an interest in Rihanna, 27, during a recent interview with Access Hollywood."And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.