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by GENEVIEVE LISTON A number of my girlfriends are on Blendr. The way you are looking at your computer after reading this statement is exactly how I reacted when they told me at dinner the other night.

Not only does it give you a reason to whip up healthy smoothies, but it makes cooking all sorts of recipes even easier—think sauces, soups, and even cheesecake!

There are a LOT of models to choose from, but if you’re looking for a blender that gets the job done and fits in your budget, you want the Kitchen Aid 5-Speed Diamond Blender.

Basically to start using Blendr and Grindr all you need to do is enter some basic details about yourself, maybe upload a photo if you’re keen and your phone uses your current location to search for other single ‘candidates’ who might either appeal to your interests; or are simply within a certain radius and up for a shag. Which is why I was so shocked to find that my girlfriends who are all intelligent, educated, beautiful women would be using this ‘geo-location’ technology to attract a potential mate. In fact I have always considered myself one of the more open minded and liberal members of my friendship group.

“It’s a bit of harmless fun,” is what the girls told me as they proceeded to share some, admittedly, hilarious conversations they had had with guys on Blendr.

Single, female, white (NOTE: not , I pressed accept when it asked if I wanted to use my current location. What on earth was motivating these people to get in contact with a complete stranger?

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