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Please be aware that in an hour it is not possible to cover in detail general information on how to breastfeed.The webinars are delivered by an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor or an NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter who are also mothers of multiples.Some of the topics covered are as follows: You can access the webinar by using your computer and speakers (you do not need a webcam) or by telephone.

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“I don’t think she should be able to work with kids. I’ve definitely had sleepless nights and my emotions have been all over the place. You definitely don’t expect that to happen to your child.” The Carrboro police department did not respond to Inside’s request for comment, but told WTVD on Tuesday that the incident is being investigated as misdemeanor child abuse. Whether you've decided to formula feed your baby from the start, are supplementing your breast milk with formula, or are switching from breast milk to formula, you're bound to have questions.Loads of information and sources of further information,them loads at work for training and sharing info, and it's a great way of getting info to a range of people around the country.Much more convenient than booking onto a course and having to travel somewhere, especially when you live somewhere like I do that's miles away from anywhere!A University of Cape Town employee was fired on Wednesday for allegedly filming a colleague expressing breast milk.

Women's rights activists were outraged, saying the university should provide a safe place in which mothers could breast-feed and express milk.

The session is recorded an a link to listen back will be sent out after the webinar.

"Excellent value for money and it was great to be able to participate from the comfort of my own home.""I found the webinar last night really useful.

At this remark, the air of insta-friendship we had established cooled into an icy politeness, and the mothers shortly wandered away to chase little Emma or Liam onto the slide.

Just to be perverse, over the next few weeks I tried this experiment again several more times.

"I'm so incredibly angry that the act of me providing food for my baby was sexualised in such a cowardly way ... I'm disgusted that we live in a world in which mothers, no matter how they choose to feed their children, are victimised for being vulnerable." UCT spokesman Elijah Moholola said the university condemned the "very disturbing incident" in the "strongest possible terms".