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Until then, the list of her boyfriends past include — but are not limited to — rappers, actors and athletes alike.It doesn’t mention if they were in the backseat together, but I think you get the picture either way.

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The 27-year-old Barbados bombshell could not have said it better herself.

Over the years, Rihanna has been no stranger to super scandalous situations and so many sexy little secrets.

The frustration of losing a four-game sweep to the Dallas Mavericks must have gotten to Andrew Bynum on Sunday.

The Lakers player was ejected with more than eight minutes left in the game when he purposefully threw an elbow into Jose Juan Barea as he was driving down the lane in the fourth quarter.

We've done a lot of important research to catalog Rhi Rhi's full athletic dating history and preserve it for future generations.

Former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Andrew Bynum was spotted having dinner with Rhianna in April 2009. She has always pushed the envelope since her rise to fame with topless magazine covers, wild fashion choices and accumulating a lengthy list of famous exes.While she's definitely hob-nobbed with plenty of celebrities, it seems like her real type is jocks.Still, young Andy was as eloquent as ever in responding to the rumors that he and recently-single Rihanna were an item." So, if the pair are, in Bynum’s words, "just friends", what were the pair doing eating dinner together?Perhaps the two early-twenty-somethings felt a kinship based on their shared experience of intense media scrutiny.Basketball player Andrew Bynum is denying that he and [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] are dating after rumors began circulating that the pair went on a date in Los Angeles.