Cam flashers

Your smartphone camera flash can detect a rare eye cancer, potentially saving a child’s life.

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Some cameras allow separate flash units to be mounted via a standardized "accessory mount" bracket (a hot shoe).In professional studio equipment, flashes may be large, standalone units, or studio strobes, powered by special battery packs or connected to mains power.Andrea Temarantz noticed a white glow in the left eye of her son Ryder in the photographs she’d taken.Suspecting it was due to a faulty phone camera, Temarantz switched to a better device.When the white spot remained, she took Ryder to see a doctor.

The physician identified a tumor, and diagnosed him with retinoblastoma, a potentially fatal eye cancer.

In other cases, the child may have developed neovascular glaucoma and may be in pain.

Retinoblastoma treatment typically requires the cooperation of an ophthalmic oncologist, pediatric oncologist, and radiation therapist.

Flash refers either to the flash of light itself or to the electronic flash unit discharging the light.

Most current flash units are electronic, having evolved from single-use flashbulbs and flammable powders.

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