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If this camera view is triggered, you already know it's a hit, so there's no tension. Just as the bullet gets close to your target, everything slows down even more.We get to see the blankly oblivious face of your chosen quarry, the bullet now mere inches away from his skin.Many missions feel like puzzles, forcing you to use your available resources to find one of many ways to complete your objective.

It’s very social Whether you love or hate social media, the PS4 really wants you to share things with your friends.

By selecting the What’s New icon from the PS4’s eye-pleasing Dynamic Menu, you’ll see a list of your friends’ recent activities, including the games they’ve played or are currently playing, trophies they’ve achieved, livestreams they’re broadcasting, video clips they’ve shared and so on.

These notifications can also serve as a jumping-off point for related activities: when you look at a friend’s Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshot, you can write a pithy comment on it, immediately launch the game without returning to the menu or even buy and download it from the Play Station Store if you don’t yet own it.

Install for the good of all The first time you fire up any PS4 game disc, it will begin installing all of its data to the console’s built-in hard drive, with different games handling this in different ways – some will require players to sit through a one-time data caching process, while others will do it in the background during, say, an intro sequence or tutorial level.

Website Kotaku said it investigated a tip that numbers, which in the game are supposed to be for quality pest control in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, connected to real adult chat lines and discovered the report to be true.

Neil Druckmann, the game's creative director, told the website the numbers were supposed to be fake."That was an artist's mistake," he said.

This will speed up load times and eliminate any performance differences between disc-based games and digital downloads, but it also means the PS4’s 500 GB hard drive – which only has 408 GB of free space, the rest being taken up by system software – may fill up faster than you might expect. After you’ve befriended someone on PSN, you then have the option of sending a “name request” which, if they accept, will show their real name in your PSN social feeds (and vice versa) along with their Facebook profile picture (if they have an account and choose to allow it.) It’s completely optional, and you’ll want to restrict it to people you trust or know in real life.

As opposed to, say, Yolo420Swag Demon who you’ve only met in Battlefield 4.

That headline feature, of course, returns for Sniper Elite 3, which switches the action from the ruins of Berlin seen in 2012's Sniper Elite v2 to the more interesting terrain of the North African campaign. You're sent behind enemy lines to sneak around and disrupt the Nazi war machine, and you do this by graphically demolishing the faces, torsos and testicles of as many German troops as possible.

You don't need to subscribe to Freud's theories of psychoanalysis to see the connection, as bullets burst forth from your rifle with ejaculatory zeal.

While there’s been lots of talk about the hardware specs and the game lineup and the fierce battle that will be waged between Sony’s new dream machine and Microsoft’s Xbox One, there are still some PS4 perks, tweaks and features that haven’t yet been revealed.