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The story differs from your typical chick lit novella in that it is written by a man, Steve Martin to be exact. ” A bum- “Gimmie a quarter.” Or a creeper- “Buy a Roladex from the side of my trench coat.” None of the above.

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Well, I know what at least 2 of you are thinking: yes I felt like this was straight out of Sex and the City (in theaters in less than 24 hours! My inner Miranda burbled up, “So how many times have you tried this tactic” -it carried on way too long to be a line- “before? I got picked up on a Central Park bench my first full day in Manhattan. There are a wide variety of activities to do together, and many of the attractions are also low-cost.A romantic horse-and-carriage ride is the gold standard of Central Park dates.The Central Park Zoo is located behind the Arsenal Building in Central Park.

Dating back to 1860, this was New York's first official zoo, housing only a few exotic animals.The animal exhibits are excellent for inspiring conversation, and the zoo offers many quiet spots to enjoy conversation between the exhibits.Exotic animals like snow leopards, monkeys and penguins are unique and entertaining and can also make for a few good laughs.Whether you're just meeting someone for the first time, or you're looking for the right spot to pop the question, you'll find it all in Central Park's 843 acres. Central Park is one of the best places in New York City to bring a date.Dear James, In New York City, weather observations have been taken in Central Park dating back to 1868.