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Both killer and victim left behind a trail of tweets, Facebook status updates, and a Linked In resume.

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On 22 September 2014, a strange story of body modification appeared on the social web.According to several circulating articles, a Florida woman named Jasmine Tridevil underwent cosmetic surgery to add a “third breast” to her body.During the 15 days prior, her killer posted comments on her Facebook page to make it look like she was still alive, just too busy with college classes and work to pick up the phone.Only when he shot himself after being stopped in traffic by police did her family find out she had actually been dead for more than two weeks.Categories: Romance, Dating, Friends, Apps Tags: girlfriend, assistant, mobile, virtual assistant, android, julie, apps, personal assistant Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Dec 8 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 8, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.56 Knowledge: 393056 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 0 Connects: 138409, today: 509, week: 3387, month: 17740API Connects: 138361, today: 509,week: 3386, month: 17726 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance Tags: anime Domain: BOT libre!In one clip posted by Tridevil, her “breasts” appeared to be of an entirely different skin tone than her facial skin and limbs: Another red flag in Tridevil’s tale was her stated motivation: Surgeons are ethically bound to decline performing cosmetic surgery on patients without certain mental health clearances (i.e., ensuring that patients do not have unrealistic expectations or motivations driven by psychological disorders), and in an interview Tridevil made the rather bizarre claim she set out to make herself look less attractive to men by opting to get a third breast implant: I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Most guys would think [the extra breast is] weird and gross.But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know … No third party images of Tridevil have emerged, and while she claims to have booked appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Inside Edition, no evidence has surfaced suggesting that they or any other media sources have vetted her story.In the initial frenzy of interest in Jasmine Tridevil and her purported third breast, lots of linking and of the same information and images occurred.However, few looked very deeply at the claims made by the woman shown in the images or her agents, or whether such a modification was even feasible.With reporting by Elizabeth Luke Her badly burned body was found in James Baird State Park, in upstate New York, seven days after she disappeared.