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I got outside opinions and it brought up an interesting debate. Many who thought using the site was cheating also thought looking at pornography was, as well.

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Chat Roulette is pretty much the original destination on the web if you want to meet and greet other people.

Chat Roulette was actually created by a 17-year old kid who went on to sell it for a heap of cash.

So I have to ask, with all the forms of technology these days, what is considered cheating (besides the obvious)? I see interactive, Chatroulette-style sexy stuff as … If the interactive part makes it a cheat to you, then it's a cheat. At the end of the day, you had other issues with Joe.

Is interactive video intimacy with another person considered cheating? It's funny – I have a friend who once caught her ex-boyfriend doing something similar. If you had been in a supportive, trusting relationship, the video stuff might not have concerned you. Where do you draw the line when it comes to cheating?

Chat Roulette's a much more broad-minded chat website, but of course, you can still find cybersex if that's what you're interested in.

I actually go on Chat Roulette myself from time to time, but I opt just to chat with people and have a good time.Hi Meredith, Let me start out by saying that my significant other "Joe" and I are no longer together for multiple reasons.Prior to our breakup we had a debate about internet cheating.I considered this a form of cheating because Joe would have been interacting with someone other than me. When I talked with Joe about it, he said he only did it a couple times and didn't see the harm in it. Toward the end of our relationship I was having trust issues with Joe so I browsed his computer (which I admitted to him).