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ip dhcp pool DHCP network .0 default-router .1 dns-server .1 domain-name 3 ! ip dns view internet domain name-server x.x.x.x domain name-server x.x.x.y domain resolver source-interface Vlan1 dns forwarder x.x.x.x dns forwarder x.x.x.y dns forwarding source-interface Vlan1 ip dns view default domain name-server domain name-server domain resolver source-interface Vlan1 dns forwarder dns forwarder dns forwarding source-interface Vlan1 ip dns view-list default view default 1 restrict name-group 1 view internet 2 ip dns name-list 1 permit .*\. ip dhcp update dns both override ip domain name filial1.ip host c871-filial1-l0.filial1..254 ip host c871-filial1.filial1..1 ip host filial1.ns c871-filial1.filial1.!

cisco ios updating dns-28cisco ios updating dns-81

If however I copy the URL for the Cisco log, paste it in to my browser, I get a successful update!

In my config i have: and when I check my DNS-O-Matic status page, the IP has been updated, and also passed through correctly to Open DNS!

The idea for DNS was introduced in the late 80’s as a method of making the different devices on the network more accessible.

Without a naming solution, each of the devices on the Internet (as well as private networks) would need to be accessed via an address solely.

Open DNS provide another service called dns-o-matic, which does support HTTP updating, but i am having a strange problem.

When my router calls the dns-o-matic update URL, i get an Open DNS page not found response.So I don't appear to be having a name resolution issue, otherwise there would be no response.DNS lookup from both my laptop and the router resolved the update URL to the same IP...That config makes the router do a forward lookup when we ping, and reverse lookup under show commands that return ip addresses.When we do a "show user", the router does a reverse lookup for every one of the source ip addresses.interface Loopback0 ip address .254 !