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However its range of trackers haven't been the most stylish of models. These partnerships show that Fitbit is clearly gunning for Apple Watch-esque high-end accessories, which makes sense since fashionable fitness trackers that resemble jewellery appeal to a much wider demographic of women – though the Alta remains a unisex device for men as well who are looking for simple, discrete fitness trackers.Opting for style has made the Alta far less sophisticated functionally than its predecessors the Surge and Charge HR, but it obviously wasn't made to take the place of the sportier trackers.

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Despite many rash complaints throughout the years, Fitbit remains the top wearable and arguably the most popular brand of fitness tracker on the market. After first unveiling its fitness watch Fitbit Blaze, the wearable tech company then came out with this Misfit Ray rival, providing custom wristband accessories and even satin and silver finish bangles from designer names Tory Burch and Public School.

And sometimes those of us with reasonably decent eye sight miss the things that the heart sees.

Jan-Philipp Sendker explores this idea and the enduring love that the heart can find when it is allowed to see unfettered by our other senses in his masterfully translated novel, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.

Several years go by without any word of him but when Julia's mother sends her a box of her father's things, she finds the letter and sets out on her quest to discover what happened to her father.

When she arrives Kalaw and asks about her father, she finds a man named U Ba who says he has been waiting for her for years.But for me, that short little “date” was enough time to become enamored of some new books and some new authors. No one sits still for photos while speed dating, so I apologize to the authors in advance for any mortifying poses I captured. From left to right, starting with the top row: James Dashner, Jane Hampton Cook, David A. Adler, Lisa Greenwald, Linda Urban, Laini Taylor, Susan Stockdale, Ashley Spires, Clete Barrett Smith, Maria Rutkoski, Jennifer Roy, Kate Mc Mullan, Tahereh Mafi, Carrie Jones, Jeff Hirsch, and Laura Lee Gulledge. And it was very much like a short first date with each author, complete with some awkward pauses and some great conversations cut short by that cursed buzzer. Nineteen authors were given three and a half minutes to pitch their upcoming books and themselves to a roundtable of excited book lovers. And I’m curious why his nickname is Elvis Presley…??? Mozer’s third grade class for the creative monsters! When the buzzer sounded the authors moved on to the next table, leaving each group with a taste of their process, their new work, and their personalities. As Julia listens to the immensely touching story of the blind boy and the beautiful girl whose legs won't support her so she must scurry on all fours, she learns about her father's ability to hear the smallest of noises, to locate a person by their heartbeat, to see without seeing.