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In the series finale, Allison tells him she is pregnant. Unlike her father, she is intelligent enough to keep up with the town's residents (her IQ is 157), yet like her father, possesses the street smarts most of the town's residents do not.

Viewers of the SCI FI Channel might recognize her as Maya, the mother who adopted the human-Cylon hybrid child of Sharon Valerii at the end of Battlestar Galactica's second season. My manager in Vancouver emailed me the script for “Eureka” and she was like “you know, Erica, I think you ‘d really be good in this role” and I was like ok let’s get, me in for this.

Fans of the acclaimed Showtime series The L Word know her as Alice's seductive vampire lover, Uta Refson. And then when I got back to Vancouver, it was actually quite quick after I got to Vancouver, say on a Friday and I auditioned for it on Monday and I got the call back, what was it, I think it was on a Saturday and I ended up booking it at like two days later It was just one of those things where she (my agent) and I both felt it was the right right character for me because I am I think deep down inside a "tom boy" so and she knew that about me and she was like “this would be good for you”. Linda Craddock: Your character “Jo Lupo”, is quite dedicated to the job of deputy.

His overall role in the series does not change in the new timeline.

In Season 5, Jack and Allison become engaged, and then married in In Too Deep.

Jack is consistently dumbfounded by the wonders Eureka produces, as well as its propensity to produce things that often threaten the entire town, if not the world.

Marshal who reluctantly ends up as Sheriff of Eureka.Meanwhile, Warren Hughes returns to GD to evaluate Astraeus crew members' reactions to their abductions.Elsewhere, Zane's quest for answers from the Matrix reveals disturbing results for both him and Fargo.“Eureka” is one of the great hidden gems of all cable television.I caught a few minutes of it early in season three for the first time while switching channels in the kitchen one night and was hooked by a contentious discussion between Sheriff Carter and his kickass deputy, Jo.She dates Lucas but in the altered timeline, they broke up when Lucas moved to Geneva, and she was showing interest in Zane until he started dating Jo again.