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The connoisseur of classic wristwatches made the subtle announcement on his page moments ago by sharing a photo of two hands joined together — the hand wearing the engagement ring and a Rado wristwatch is Benedicta’s, and the second one with a Tissor wristwatch is Daddy Freeze’s.“A picture they say, is worth a thousand words!

But his denial notwithstanding, sources close to him insist that not only is his marriage threatened, he’s since abandoned his wife and children, preferring instead the company of an older lover in PH who is said to be a mother of four.Months after his messy public fight with his ex-wife Opeyemi Olarinde, Cool FM OAP Daddy Freeze has finally taken a step back toward matrimony by proposing marriage to his new girlfriend, Benedicta Elechi.At least he didnt cheat on Jiyeon behind her back, he was straightforward about not feeling anything for her anymore.The point is simple, its fucked up how the female is always to one to blame, no matter what, it makes me want to be a dude, being able to dodge bullets that fucking way.It has never been my intention to call her out on social media and if you remember clearly I avoided making any comment initially since it's an embarrassing situation for both of us and the children already, however she is hellbent on destroying everything I stand for just to make herself look good.

This has left me with no other option than to speak the truth! I have received beatings from someone who was supposed to be my better half and a weaker vessel for little or no provocation.

Without missing a beat, Denola replied: “Brad Pitt”.

Brad Pitt is a famous Hollywood star and soon-to-be ex-husband of another Hollywood giant, Angelina Jolie.

First, he said he and Jiyeon broke up because of their busy schedules.

Second, the crew of the drama the 2 of them are on are saying they started seeing each other in late September.

The blustery weather, the firework-like display of leaves and the promise of a roaring fire - all this can only mean one thing - it’s cold outside.