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“It doesn’t feel any different than working on any other unrelated idea/startup,” he tells Geek Wire.

“The fact that we are in Microsoft’s backyard hasn’t helped/hurt our work.” The Cupidtino team is actually split between Seattle and California, with Kelkar saying they still have a number of friends at the software giant and “respect many aspects about Microsoft as a company.” But I doubt that means there will be Windows Phone app for Cupidtino anytime soon.

Ever since Steve Jobs lashed out at Adobe and the company announced it would be shutting down Lala, they (and by that we, like all other media types, also mean “we”) are practically a persecuted minority.

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Kelkar said that an i Phone app has been one of the most requested products since the company launched, and the free app is designed to help Apple fans “discover other fanboys and fangirls near them.” A .99 upgrade allows users to send unlimited messages and chat with their favorite fanboys or fangirls.

“Die-hard Mac and Apple fans often have a lot in com­mon — per­son­al­i­ties, cre­ative pro­fes­sions, a sim­i­lar sense of style and aes­thet­ics, taste, and a love for tech​nol​ogy.

It lets users search and browse profiles, send ‘heartbeats’ to members that intrigue them, and more.

Users can upgrade their membership via in-app purchase for .99 per month, to read unlimited messages and chat with other Apple fans.

Cupidtino is like a neighborhood café where the people are hip, decor is classy, conversation is intelligent and prices are reasonable.

But it’s open at your convenience, folks are from around the world, and it’s less awkward to talk to someone.Apple computer users are some of the most devoted and passionate on the planet.But can Macbooks, i Pads and i Phones actually unite people in love? The company, which launched its online dating service for Apple fanboys and fangirls in 2010, is expanding with a new i Phone app that’s described as the “first-ever Mac-inspired dating app designed exclusively for fans of Apple products.” Tech Crunch just wrote about the new app, but what caught my interest was the background of the creators.We’re so inspired by it that we’ve brainstormed 25 pickup lines to use on the Mac lover of your dreams. Time to upgrade to a Mac Book Pro.” “Renounce Adobe forever and I’ll Flash you.” “I have designs on your graphics.” “Forget phone sex. ” “If the way you make me feel were an i Phone app, it would get banned from the store.” “Girl, you’re more precious than a 3G i Pad on April 30.” “You got me more excited than an Apple geek at Macworld.” “Is your daddy Steve Jobs?‘Cause your case is lookin’ finer than a new Mac Book Pro’s.” “Can I buy you a drink at the Genius Bar?After dating crazed Apple fanboys, I can tell you that they're tough to catch.