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Synopsis He is also known for his endeavors as a stand-up artist in several tours and specials.At the age of 41; he has managed to attract the attention and fame of a huge number of fans around the world.Early Life Megan Abrigo was born on the 27th of January, 1988.

As Tosh exclaimed, "I may have stumbled across something dark here. Anyone who watches these videos needs to put some pants on and turn themselves into the FBI." Tosh directly accuses "chomos" (prison slang for "child molestors") of watching these videos (which have over 12 billion combined views), even filming a -style skit where a fan (an actor) attended a supposed meet-and-greet with the girls.

Naturally, the fan is an adult male, toting completely innocent items like duct tape, chloroform, condoms, and two tickets to Mexico. In Tosh's case, his career telling jokes in front of an audience began … Except unlike today, the audience wasn't there to see him or anybody making jokes, really.

Daniel Tosh is a comedian, host, executive producer, and actor born in West Germany.

He is known for being the host of the show Tosh which airs on the Comedy Central.

Early Life Daniel Tosh was born on the 29th of May, 1975 Daniel Tosh was born in Rhineland- Palatinate, West Germany and has been actively involved in the comedy and satire sector since 1997.

He was enrolled in the Astronaut High School for his education.Megan Abrigo is a runway, print and commercial model of who has been known best for being one of the case models for the show Deal or No Deal, which is an NBC game show.Synopsis Megan Abrigo is known for ways holding the case number 6 on the show Deal of No Deal. At the age of 28; this effortless looking beauty has managed to garner the attention and interest of a huge number of fans.If something's too dark and disturbing even for Daniel Tosh, there's almost certainly something wrong with it.Take Seven Super Girls, a You Tube channel Tosh featured on his show in June 2017.Dismissing his usual jovial snark, Tosh seems totally disgusted by what he sees.