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The commissioner of the Department of Labor and Standards was advised by the following advisory bodies: the Private Employment Agency Regulatory Board, the Performance Certification Board for Mobile Homes, the Board of Boiler Rules, the Industrialized Building Code Council, the Manufactured Homeowners' Recovery Fund Board of Trustees, and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board.Find out about the organisations who are working together and helping you to combat fraud and bring fraudsters to justice.The Texas Bureau of Labor Statistics was created in 1909 (House Bill 109, 31st Texas Legislature), headed by a commissioner appointed by the governor for a two-year term.The bureau was charged with collecting statistical information concerning the commercial, social, educational, and sanitary conditions of Texas employees and their families.modified 20/07/2017 Veterinary stakeholders meeting: Lumpy skin disease added 19/07/2017 The First Official ROG Meeting The Regulatory Optimisation Group (ROG) is an HM...

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Gradually the legislature added powers of administration and enforcement of industrial laws affecting the welfare of employees, employers and the general public, including wages, hours, timeliness of payment, health, safety, morals, child labor, etc.

As of 1972, there were seven divisions: Labor Law, Safety, Employment Agency (to staff the Private Employment Agency Regulatory Board), Boxing and Wrestling, Boiler Inspection, Mobile Homes (to inspect electrical, plumbing, and heating, and body and frame design and construction of manufactured housing), and Accounting and Personnel.

There were eventually twenty investigative field offices.