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Celebrate the days, weeks, and months of your first year with 4 different gifts- each correlating with a significant number.

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The funny thing is when she asked me my thoughts on doing something for the one year, and I said "Not likely", she said "I knew that's what you would say". I'm not being mean, but really I don't see anything special about dating for a year.

I'm looking on the longer, more permanent goal, that of marriage. I am going to do something special, in the near future, just because we've actually made some strides in our relationship the last month.

According to the anniversary symbols guideline, each Wedding anniversary have a symbolic anniversary color(s).

For some anniversary years they may have one or two designated color(s) for that particular Wedding Anniversary year celebrated.

She hit me up sometime in August and asked me what are my thoughts on going out and celebrating it.

I thought not, and the biggest reason I think not is because we are only dating. I don't see any significance in celebrating the fact that we've been dating a year.

Each year we celebrate our anniversary, by either going to a fancy restaurant, spending fun times with families, friends and for milestone anniversaries, we tend to throw an anniversary party; invite families, friends, associates etc. Whether it’s your 10th Wedding Anniversary, 40th Wedding Anniversary, or 25th Wedding Anniversary that you are party planning for, we know planning a party can be hectic, but having a color scheme to start with makes planning a whole lot easier.

It can certainly assist you with party decorations, party favors, table cloths, napkins, balloons etc.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Gilfriend and I hit the one mile milestone on 9/1/09.

It's not the exact date, but based on our history we both agree on that date.

Happy Anniversary and enjoy party planning with your color theme for your anniversary year. Listed below are Anniversary Colors for 1st to 75th Anniversaries.