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I planned to at least leave the top stained, but after I sanded it down, conditioned it, and stained it, it looked terrible: It looks like this had a veneer top at one time that had been removed, because this was not the gorgeous wood top I was expecting.

It looks like a pieced together version that you would find under veneer.

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🙂 Okay so maybe you know me too well, but today is not just any ordinary day, it’s Themed Furniture Thursday! I and a bunch of my talented furniture flippin’ friends get together once a month and share furniture makeovers, but the catch is, there’s a theme! I usually do my thrifting on the way to places I really need to be. It was so fun, one of my favorite ways to spend a day. How about I’ll share and then see if you can guess, okay? Well last Thursday, I decided to treat myself and have an all day thrifting excursion. Any other issues are barely worth mentioning other than that the 18 buttons which were removed for cleaning (yes they will come with the gown) will now need to be cleaned, or re-covered as they are darker than the gown... The gown measures approx: 58 " long from shoulder to hem in the back, 63" long from shoulder to hem in the front, 107" long from shoulder to hem in the back with the vest on. There are large silk slits (shattering) in one mutton sleeve and a number of small ones on the other sleeve and on the skirt (including one fairly long slit at skirt back - at the skirt bustle fold) and the skirt waist has come ungathered at the skirt back. Connelly gown in the Boston Museum of Fine Art, but it's the discovery that our 19th President, Rutherford B. 2009 issue of "Past Times", a publication produced by the Rutherford B. The skirt lining is cotton so it's perfect, and there are 4 layers of material at the hemline (see photos). As this gown has had a previous life, I like the idea that there is something tangible to remind you of previous bride... There are EXTREMELY LIGHT, BARELY SEEN underarm discolorations. only if you are inspecting the gown under bright lights. LOVE the puffy sleeves (which can be worn stuffed as you see, or worn "deflated" as the previous bride wore it (see photos). Connelly gold damask and cream satin gown to the White House New Year’s reception in 1880!!!! And not only that, but this was her dressmaker of choice (per Feb. I'm sure this bride would have decorated this gown with wax flowers as was the fashion back then. I have a few large closeup photos of the lace for you to tell me!Here at, we sell Antique Vintage Clothing and are sellers of fine, high quality Victorian Clothing and authentic Antique Ladies Victorian attire.

You can also Sell to Bustledress Antique Vintage Clothes or Victorian style items from the Victorian era.Axel Vervoordt, a famous Belgian antiquarian credited with starting Belgian design.He authored several best selling books and lured people to Belgium to tour his private castle. Antique Sites | Antique | Shabby Chic Sites | Shabby Chic | Antique Curios Sites | Antique Curios | Storehouse Furniture Sites | Storehouse Furniture | Antique Dinnerware Sites | Antique Dinnerware | Antiques Online Sites | Antiques Online | Antique Hardware Sites | Antique Hardware What I adore about this particular photo is the presence of Christ living in her. I was on the hunt for more March Madness projects and luckily I found a few. Now I know some of you are cringing at the thought of me painting this gem, but don’t too upset just yet with me just yet. Of course it’s only fun if you find stuff, am I right? Here’s what I dragged home that day: Lots of goodies! This dressing table was originally 0, but the entire store was 50% off, so I ended up paying .perhaps hemmed up at some point due to a heel tear or something..... Love the other details like the ruching on the skirt sides, upper skirt and wide cuffs, the puffy sleeves, and the pigeon shape bodice front.