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Over the course of the four days nearly 14,000 collectors and art lovers attended.

2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the event, which was held at the Dallas Market Hall on May 5-7. [Read More] Each year it rivals the beheamoth that is NAMM, and Musikmesse 2017 was no exception!

With an estimated 100,000 attendees roaming the massive grounds in Frankfurt April 5-8 and visiting the 1,922 exhibitors from an astounding 55 countries, this years event was spectacular!

A huge array of products from every corner of the industry and globe...

Bill Ruh wrote me a nostalgic e-mail which became the main topic of today’s column. As promised in that column, today is set aside for your comments about Ruh’s list or about your own recollections of “things that aren’t here anymore.” Click on the “comments” button below and start writin’.

He recalled past department stores and restaurants of his Inland Valley youth, places like W. If you’re new to this blog, you can explore past entries by clicking on the roll call of categories or months along the righthand side.

The “Eateries Past” link will be of particular interest — you can read comments there about Ontario’s old Mural House, for instance — as will the “Reminiscin'” link, which contains another Ruh reminiscence about car dealers of the Inland Valley’s past. “We are thankful for the support of our local museums and collaborative partners and for our strong partnership with UBS Financial Services – who bring numerous collectors to the fair each year and provide the opportunity for several schools to visit the fair.” stated Ann Berchtold, Founder and Executive Director.Sales reports from participating galleries were outstanding: “We had over ,000 in art sales during the first few days of the fair, and have several sales pending with collectors we met at the fair.It’s important, however, to recognize which ones are just for fun and which ones are h Wondering how to be a better singer? If you can answer yes to those questions, you might be what’s known as (cue the Star Wars theme music, maestro) a singer.There's more to it than knowing how to use your voice. Symptoms may include: rocking your head to a favorite song as you sing along while driving down the road an unbalanced a Properly preparing your voice is a crucial step to having a successful performance; however, it's not always about scales and arpeggios!When you’re reading an entry, click on the “comments” button to read what others wrote; sometimes they added intriguing info.