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I recently read , a gritty detective novel about the case of Humpty Dumpty.Throughout the story nursery rhymes are presented in literal and improbable ways, juxtaposed with the daily life of a down-on-his-luck cop.Click here to access information on publications by and about Virgina on World Cat Identities.

The reason that I mention the book on this blog, however, has to do with the character of Prometheus (some mythological characters also make their way into the story).

Having taught Classical Mythology over the past two years, I’ve had occasion to read quite a bit about Prometheus.

Here are links to several lectures, articles, book reviews, videos and more by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott.

Many are on this site while others are available on the web.

In , Prometheus is explaining to the protagonist and his family why he thought it was worth having his liver pecked out daily in order to give humanity fire.

He then tells them that he also gave people the fear of death.4, Allegra ma non troppo, by Wilhelm Furtwangler.) On Bach: “The piece by Bach that I love so much is the ‘Ebarme Dich,’ the tears of Peter in the St. Sublime.” (Our excerpt is from the Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus, with Elisabeth Schwartzkopf, conducted by Otto Klemperer.) Fr.John Baptist Pesce after Mass on Christmas morning. let me turn to talking about some of the very special gifts we queer people have been selected to share with the world.We are 'queer' precisely because we are always somewhere in the middle ground, in between what our society deems proper for 'real men' or 'real women,' who are supposed to be attracted only and exclusively to the so-called 'opposite sex.' Whatever form our queerness may take, it places us outside of what society considers 'normal.' For that very reason, transpeople or queer people were recognized, historically, as being especially gifted at building bridges between the seen and the unseen, between time and eternity."Part of the problem about letting the Bible 'speak' to us is the inexactness of language.:: Britain's Got Talent is not Boyle's first shot at the big time.