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Now that your daughter is in college, you and she should develop separate orbits where you can each grow and change and have differentiated private lives.Laura wants Emily to give her money from her summer job. I wonder why Laura didn't have a better warranty on it and why was a new computer on the floor? Nor is it appropriate for you to blame Laura for leaving her laptop on the floor in her room.

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Emily has 0 left over from her savings for school and offered it to Laura, but she refused to take it. It is not for you to second-guess the warranty choices "Laura" made when she purchased this computer. Her friends and her school were here; she is also closer to me than her mother. She saw a bottle of unused Champagne and started to put it in Laura's fridge when it opened and sprayed the floor. Emily moved it onto a chair and wiped down whatever liquid was on the case and continued to clean the room. She met up with Laura and told her what had happened and that she had moved her computer out of the way. She then went to a computer tech, and he quoted 0 to fix it. Laura did not have an accidental coverage warranty. But people still have to be responsible for the consequences when property is damaged because of accidents they caused.We got Tamika Stephens, 36, a kindergarten assistant, bartender, and doula raising a 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son; "A", 37, an actress, private chef, and mother to a 2-year-old son; and contributing writer, case manager, and doula Barbara Verneus, 34, and mother of a 19-month-old daughter on the phone to have some real talk on the difficulties of dating as a single mom.What follows is an edited down version of the two-hour conversation these ladies had. (I've already given the underage drinking speech many times.) They all went to another room, and then Emily went back to Laura's room to get her purse. The following day Laura took the case off, and the computer was wet.

DEAR AMY: My 18-year-old daughter "Emily" was hanging out and drinking in her friend "Laura's" dorm room before heading out downtown.In fact, kudos to your daughter for knowing (it seems to me) that she needs alone time to decompress. Your daughter seems to be aware that unlike extroverts she does not get replenished by being with peers constantly. There is nothing inherently superior about being an extrovert.Third, going to a prom does not usually make or break a sturdy teen. I’m wondering if your daughter is as concerned about it as you are.My friend told me her mom was her best friend and she loved spending time with her.By Chap Bettis This is an open letter to young men out there. We had been friends for 12 years, but it was always the wrong time to date each other.