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I have to say I have met several of these guys myself and have to agree with them on their complaints.

Portland has certainly encouraged my wife and I to be thnakful we are not single here. It doesn't matter how young and attractive they are or how good they got it - they still complain. You've met a few guys and know what they are talking about?

Don’t expect to be Facebook official with anyone until you’ve moved in together. If you’re lucky maybe everyone catches each other’s eye and you’ll get to try out one of those alternative relationships you’ve been hearing so much about.

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They come across snobby or shy compared to WA, CA, ID girls who seem way more motivated to meet guys in general, but they're really nice. I've met some very attractive women (late 20's/early 30's) on business trips over the years.The 'good' ones are young career-busybees who go home to their cat, so you never see them out there. I brought my woman with me from NYC so I'm not really in a position to say for certain but, I'm with Phil, also a transplant: the central idea of this thread is pure nonsense. I'd say Portland is on par with other big cities like Boston or Wash DC when it comes to attractive girls.It’s well known that everyone in Portland either freelances or works in the service industry (or both!) so that coveted seven o’clock dinner date probably isn’t in the cards, and morning coffee is kinda played out. Oh, and we're definitely judging you by what you order. Soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, definitely meat-free, and "have been known to break out into hives if the onions were picked on a weekend." Luckily most restaurants are used to this sort of behavior. Everyone has a garden, brews their own beer, and makes moldy sauerkraut because that’s definitely how it was done by their host family that semester abroad in Germany.Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

It's a big world and the Our community wants to help you connect with singles in your area.

But everyone's a snobby foodie so if you choose a place that’s been open for a while, we’ve probably been there. Why don’t you just treat the girl of your dreams to a romantic dinner on the floor of your apartment?

Odds are they don’t either and would much rather bike there with you.

Wir machen es dir einfach, neue Leute kennenzulernen, Freundschaften zu schließen, Flirts zu verschicken und andere Mitglieder zu finden. Stell dir nur vor, wie viel Spaß du gehabt hättest, wenn es das Internet schon gegeben hätte, als du jung und rebellisch warst!

Komm heute zu uns und fühle dich wieder genauso jung! Du kannst mit Freunden chatten, während du im Bett liegst, oder in einer Warteschlange stehst...

Please and thank you 🙂 You’re into projects, side projects and helping make people’s brainstorms a reality.