Dating orgasm denial

When it comes to orgasm denial, an example of this difference is the opposing desires of those who prefer to be given a clearly defined date for their next release and those who get their thrills from not knowing.There are as many different ways to experience orgasm denial as there are people enjoying this kink and this is why it is so important to keep communicating, sharing ideas and ultimately tailoring your tease and denial sessions to suit you both.

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Of course, my denial could be extended due to failure to serve appropriately also.Losing weight is challenging for my wife, so we will both be challenged and in a wierd way can support each other.Now that I have a secure and discrete Lori's tube, this game is becoming real.My wife is very vanilla and has not been overly enthusiastic about the chastity thing, but she's had glimpses of the benefits and seems keen to have me locked up on a longer term basis now. She will lock me up this Saturday and then weigh herself.She placed my cock in a plastic cage and hung the key around her neck on a fine silver chain.

Once a week she would tie me to the bed and tease the plastic chastity cage with a high powered vibrator.

As she loses weight, I'll be even more turned on by looking at her, so denial will be doubly difficult.

************************** I was denied for almost 32 days. My Mistress then took out three condoms and put them one above another on my taped dick.(will post pictures of my wrapped dick if permitted by my Mistress.) she then pushed started to undress herself in front of me.

Even without all these positives, orgasms simply feel wonderful.

They aid in relieving stress, boost the immune system, fight insomnia, and may even reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer.

She will weigh herself every two weeks after that and if she has lost 1lb or more since the last weigh-in, she keeps me locked with no release.