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Many guys find them just to self-concentrated and testing to date them longtime.

One of Americans say that dating an American women is always a contest: who has a better job and who earns more, who is more occupied and who had more partners in the past.

Have you ever noticed that some couples always seem to be happy and in love with each other like teenagers, while others struggle to make it through their relationship and don’t know how to get back the sparkle they had when they first met?

“They say, look deep into yourself and see if you have this in-love feeling,” he noted.

Before we start to analyze why American men like Polish women so much it is good to say why do they prefer them to American partners.

Many guys say that the biggest reason for looking for or other Eastern European countries is simple they don`t like women from US, Canada or other Western countries.

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Poland’s countryside, seaside to the north, and mountains to the south provide visitors with a variety of landscapes to relax in.