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Website: walkthrough: is your company going to make? It lets you embed messages into every page you share across social media.

Two-sided markets, also called two-sided networks, are economic platforms having two distinct user groups that provide each other with network benefits.The organization that creates value primarily by enabling direct interactions between two (or more) distinct types of affiliated customers is called a multi-sided platform (MSP).Two-sided networks can be found in many industries, sharing the space with traditional product and service offerings.Example markets include credit cards (composed of cardholders and merchants); HMOs (patients and doctors); operating systems (end-users and developers); yellow pages (advertisers and consumers); video-game consoles (gamers and game developers); recruitment sites (job seekers and recruiters); search engines (advertisers and users); and communication networks, such as the Internet.In the past we've never said publicly what they are.

If we say we're looking for x, we'll get applications proposing x, certainly.

They are also useful in explaining many free pricing or "freemium" strategies where one user group gets free use of the platform in order to attract the other user group.

Two-sided markets represent a refinement of the concept of network effects.

So we're trying something new: we're going to list some of the ideas we've been waiting to see, but only describe them in general terms.

It may be that recipes for ideas are the most useful form anyway, because imaginative people will take them in directions we didn't anticipate.

After sitting on the front page of Hacker News with a ton of comments from the community, no one has pointed out any substitutes or similar services, which leads us to believe we’ve built something that doesn’t exist yet.