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Watch breakup tactics taken by real people spurned by lousy lovers who feel the sting of Cupid’s acid laced arrows.

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3 Chaotic by Kelley Armstrong - Half-demon Hope is sent to museum gala by mentor Tristan to catch werewolf thief Mateson.4 Dead Man Dating by Lori Handeland - On their first date, Kit goes too far with Eric, shot by bystander Chávez, then wakes to no blood, no body.Some of the most terrifying crimes in recent history have been committed by not one crazed killer, but a deadly duo.Love kills…or, at the least, it sure can hurt, a lot!The woman left and never returned, according to the petition.

“While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society,” the suit said.

It was weird, but the sun was out, it was a gorgeous day and I was heavily caffeinated so I was willing to ignore it. But once again, he said it with such blasé attitude, it made me momentarily think I had misheard him.

But the caffeine and sunshine couldn’t keep me distracted when he said he was an “Xbox flipper.” My smile froze— what the hell was that? In retrospect, I wish I had snuck away during one of his frequent trips to check on his phone. It was painful keeping a straight face when all I could imagine was a run-down pigsty paid for by the Xbox orders of gullible teenage boys.

Even when I did venture out into the real world to meet someone, all the guys I met seemed so… It had me wondering where all the puppy murderers and sex addicts were hiding. Just as I was starting to think that Tinder horror stories were myths, I met Aaron. I walked in and he immediately waved me over to his spot in line.

His six pictures and 140-character bio were nothing out of the ordinary, so I figured a right swipe couldn’t hurt. He looked like his Tinder picture, so I figured everything was fine. From there, it wasn’t long before the red flags started popping up.

” Me: “This won’t work.” – Anonymous, Vancouver “We were just meant to meet up for drinks, but he ordered a full meal anyways.