Dating to diapers

That seems like yesterday, and yet here you are, standing 6'4" and a young's an odd thing for a mom to see her "baby" so big.

You know who you are, and you stand firm in your convictions. "Sunshine" is fitting ;) "Hurry" isn't in your vocabulary, and while that sometimes makes me crazy, it's a sign of your wisdom.

With the age span of our children we have the unique opportunity to parent a wide variety of life experiences, situations and developmental phases all at once. Currently we have a span of 18 years from oldest to our youngest who is 2 (Of course that is set to change near the end of May with the arrival of our 12th child – a little girl).She is an ordained minister with the Unitarian Church in Westport, Connecticut.This is a wonderful book written in a very approachable manner for parents about sex education.There was a news story shared about a little girl in New York who had boiling water thrown on her face and upper body, while she slept.

She is expected to make a full recovery and is home now, but others are still taking the challenge and trying it out on themselves and their friends.We have 6.5 and 10.5 year-old girls and have always approached discussing their bodies and how babies are created in a very open manner.However, I find that as my girls get older, their questions become more complex and there is more of an opportunity to discuss the values that my husband and I feel go hand in hand with the subject matter."It is your right and your responsibility to share them with your child."For more parenting resources on helping your Mighty Girl through all stages of her development, visit our Physical / Emotional parenting section. She holds a Master's in Public Health from Yale University School of Medicine and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary.This widely recommended parenting guide offers a wealth of practical techniques to help you identify and communicate your own values about sexuality to your children, infants to age twelve.