Dating uk car registrations

And I think in the Republic of Ireland they have letters of the town/city where the car was registered.

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In Northern Ireland, can you tell where a car has been registered from its number plate?In England, Scotland and Wales you can tell from the first letter - L = London, B = Birmingham, M = Manchester etc.If registration lapses (say for non-payment of insurance premium), the unregistered period is added on to the 12 months for taxation purposes.Do not get caught out and allow your insurance to lapse.Tax will not be due on it, provided you keep possession of it until 12 months have elapsed since the initial BFG registration.

New plates always get car buyers excitable, but why and what exactly is all the fuss about?There are however, conditions attached to qualifying for VAT and duty relief.Every member of the force who has a driving licence may take one New Means of Transport (motor vehicle) per year to the UK whilst a permanent member of BFG, as long as that vehicle has accumulated 12 months of BFG registration.This year will see the introduction of 16 and 66, while next year the plates will change to 17 and 67 respectively, and so on until 2050.The earliest UK Dateless Number Plates were issued using letters to stand for the region of issue, and sequential numbers as unique identifiers.Currently, registration plates change at the start of March and the start of September each year, with each plate split into three distinct sections: the local memory tag, the age identifier and the random letters at the end which makes each car’s identity unique.