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You have to work extra hard at being engaging or interesting or funny. You could turn up to the pub in a bunny suit, do the ‘Macarena’ on the bar and snog every bloke in it, and you’d still be considered dull if you don’t do shots to boot.To be considered a ‘decent skin’ even though you don’t drink is a massive achievement that most of us ‘boring types’ don’t manage. Growing up in Ireland was about admiring the opposite sex from afar but being bloody terrified of them at the same time.My friend and I huddled in the amber glow of the dimly lit bar, confiding our tales insights with each other. And I told her that not only would I not hide my vegan lifestyle, but that I might only want to date a fellow vegan.

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Because you will always be treated as a bit of a weirdo. Until you hit your mid teens when you discovered booze and, hey presto, the elixir of social contact with the other side.Suddenly Aidan from Glasnevin whom you’d admired for weeks on the bus became within your reach.Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first 'green' dating and friendship service.Since then we have helped thousands of singles to find LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and HAPPINESS.You may be a plant or animal lover interested in meeting a kindred spirit with whom to embark on the next stage of your life.

We are not a naturist, speed dating or mainstream dating site.As someone who has several friends who are sober, I know that non-drinkers do face a certain level of discrimination in the dating sphere because unfortunately, there’s an assumption that people who don’t drink aren’t socially inclined or “fun” (for a lack of a better word) – which, isn’t true at all.Although drinking in front of someone who is sober can feel awkward at first (even if your date gives you an enthusiastic go-ahead), I would assume people would prefer to date someone who doesn’t drink in lieu of someone who drinks too much, but the statistics say otherwise.In just a few minutes you could be on your way to becoming another 'Happy Ending'.Though this may seem like a leap into the unknown, be positive.That can of Bulmers you’d necked before entering the disco was the bridge to the other side where fear was lost and dreams were made. A way of making it through what could otherwise be an insurmountable divide. Then got pregnant again and am only now coming up for air, three years and two screaming children later.