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Not only has he asked hundreds of women out in his lifetime, he’s also popped the question a time or two.While I had once dated boys, dating an actual ‘older’ man, one with a deep voice and the ability to grow a full beard is both thrilling and strange.

It’s trading PMS for peri-menopause, and sun-kissed highlights for whatever will cover the gray that the last romantic go-round gave me.

Not the condition I had ever consciously meant to greet the dating world in; but a sudden meant little to no prep time. Those who’ve divorced can attest; it’s lonely within the relationship years before those final papers are signed.

So when in a relationship one needs to ask him/herself ‘what does this person that I am with want out of this relationship?

, if I refuse to have sex with him or her will they still love me?

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Neither are wondering what a child would look like if we had one together; our child-bearing eras are over.

He’s not sweaty and nervous when he kisses me or asks me on a date; anyone single and older than forty generally knows what they’re doing.

In most adolescent relationships sex is a must but why should it be when sex is like a gate through which HIV enters through.