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As in isang biyaheng train at ang entrance pass ay iyong passport lang kung baga (na-apply na kami for group visa). Ayon sa aming tour guide ay dating fishing village lamang ang Shenzhen na nasa Guangdong Province ng China at North bound ng Hong Kong.Ngayon ay isa na itong young industrial city na nagpapakita ng modern feel because of the mesmerizing buildings and business centers pero may touch pa rin ng Chinese culture.

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I’ve mentioned more than once how I enjoy observing other people’s behavior, so today I thought we could discuss women and their men.

Yes, I know, ‘hot-dog, now there’s a topic.’ Let’s just clarify that I’m single right now and …

Before our trip ay ‘di ko alam kung ano at saan ang Shenzhen.

Ang alam ko lang na lugar sa China ay Macau, Beijing, at Shanghai.

As I lay on the couch, scarfing back Cheerios, in my PJs at PM I see nothing wrong this scene. At this rate I can probably get at least three episodes in before bed.

He’s ready to be an adult but his mother and teachers treat him like a kid. All have been drawn from the writing of Jessica Marsh and all are based on characters from her one-man play has been accepted into festivals and I’m beyond happy that I’m finally getting to say that I have directed films.Continue reading When the handyman recently put in my new air-conditioner he removed the window screen forgetting to replace it. Continue reading I never feel I’m all that fascinating but clearly others do since I’m asked questions I would never dream of asking anyone else. It made the time a friend said my flagrant use of the word fuck disturbed him (8/22) feel like a walk in the park. Continue reading I remember the day of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s funeral.So now when I open the window I don’t have one, something I need to correct NOW! I’m not kidding, you could be on fire and unless you bring it up, I’ll just act … I was out doing laundry and when I came back home who was standing on my doorstep talking to a friend but John Kennedy Jr., I live above a trendy cafe …Ilan sa tech companies na narito ay ang Huawie, Lenovo, and Oppo. Malanis ang paligid at mapuno naman ang paligid kahit masasabing business districts dito.In fact, marami kang makikitang naka-park na bicycle sa paligid at bibihira ang tao na nagdadaan. May app daw na para sa pagpaparenta ng bike or bike-sharing system- hirap ipaliwanag pero isipin mo na lang na Grabpadyak or Uberpadyak.I notice Downton Abbey is now on Netflix and decide to start watching that, excited at the prospects of starting another series.