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Gegeven de krakkemikkige taalbeheersing die het woord uitstraalt, is de bedenker ervan vermoedelijk te zoeken in extreemrechtse kringen.

Hoe dan ook, wegkijken is dus een lastig woord voor pathologische ijzerenheinigheid tegen het groepsdenken.

The next instalment in my recent series of rants takes inspiration from a great many expats, those who regularly vacation in Thailand, those who regular post to Thai Visa and, to a far lesser extent, those people who would email me in the days when my email address was listed on this blog.All are people searching for a Thai wife.[This, in itself, really bothers me..that is for a future rant]So here is Jonny Foreigner's simple guide to finding 'your ideal Thai wife'. [Hint: the answer is closer than you think.]I'm not basing this on my own experience (I met my wife whilst she was studying/working in London) but instead the following factors which negate the most common issues in farang-Thai relationships (pulling no punches).1.It does not matter, whether you would like to prepare a day of shopping, visit your friends and family or simply get away from your everyday life.Nowadays coaches can take you to and from Pärnu at an unbeatable price. LUX Express, Eurolines Germany and Polski Bus have connections from Pärnu that make stops at Pärnu - Härma, Pärnu - Tallinna maantee and Pärnu ZOB central bus station.Adding to those above we also have the Erawan bombing which left my phone buzzing with friends and family anxiously checking I was ok.

It was this event which really made me think about the impact my move had had on those back home.

Even if you don't think too much about it I am sure your family will.

Moving overseas is supposed to be an adventure but not like the type of adventure that Frodo had where there was the chance he might not come back alive...

And fortunately , Thailand is just 2.5 hours plane ride away and some of them go back to Thailand once a month on weekend to visit their families.

The other 2 who were dating met their gfs in Thai disco/gentleman club.

She speaks YOUR language Living abroad your potential partner is likely to be fluent, or at the least capable, in your native language which overcomes the language barrier, one of the biggest hurdles many farang face when dating Thais.