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In a recent article [I hope she flakes], the seduction artist, Roosh V, came up with an interesting mind-hack to alleviate the pain of a girl flaking on you.

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Incidentally, it’s how many attractive men act too.Because all these techniques are just terms for what happens naturally.The IOIs, negs, obstacles, targets, AFCs, AMOGs, alphas, peacocking, shit tests, take-aways, cocky funny, jealousy plot-lines, qualification, time constraints…they were almost all about how we demonstrate higher value to others. It was in 2003 as I was talking to my friend and mentor Vinigarr when suddenly I had that moment when I saw “the matrix” that explained so much in my dating life.Yes, being short was a disadvantage but if I learned to play the game I could get the girl too."What I Got" - Sublime Besides him being cute and having an interesting job, K and this guy had hit it off upon meeting through friends at a bar.

After a few email exchanges, plans were made to meet at a local coffee house. “Well,” she told us over pint glasses of murky beer, "we just didn’t have much to talk about." "Oh," we all echoed disappointingly. They had both shown up to the coffee house (a swanky Silver Lake spot) on their vintage Schwinn fixed-gears, I’m sure she looked adorable in some sort of designer-yet-casual get-up, and they had sat in the outside patio drinking expensive lattes hoping, I’m sure, to capture that same connection they had experienced upon first meeting. We all puzzled over it for a moment, hoping to use our collective successes and failures at dating in order to dispense some sage advice to K.

Dates with girls disturb my work flow and set me back as much as half a day.

While I do enjoy dates and want to have sex with girls, I also place great importance in completing my day’s work…

K is an awesome girl, and it had been too long since a guy of equal caliber had taken her out and shown her a good time. I was the first to speak; “Uhhh, maybe you guys just needed to get drunk? "The Wrong Way" - Sublime I didn’t think it’d be well received, but to my surprise, the lovely M retorted with a spirited “yeah!

” I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thought of alcohol as a necessary means of getting through those first few, nervous dates. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to get overexcited and little spastic, which leads to extreme self consciousness, which in turn leads to me to forcing myself to sit quietly as to not embarrass myself.

I have so many things to do that my schedule is always packed.