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So, for example, if you owe 0,000 on a home valued at 0,000, a home equity loan enables you to borrow against that 0,000 in equity.Home equity loans are fixed-rate installment loans, meaning they’re repaid in equal monthly payments over a fixed period of time – usually in the neighborhood of 15 years.This debt management article informs you to use caution when considering home equity debt consolidation loans.

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Unfortunately, those dressed up as a quick fix tend to cause more problems than they solve.The expression "robbing Peter to pay Paul" comes to mind with this one.We’re referring to the home-equity and no-equity debt consolidation loans you now see advertised continuously on TV, radio and in newspapers.And while these types of loans can sometimes be a good decision, don’t sign on the dotted line without considering the negatives as well as the positives.Payday lenders offer a solution for short-term emergencies.

They're not meant as a long-term fix for credit card debt.

If you have substantial credit card debt, you may feel trapped.

Escaping debt is a must, but there are both right and wrong ways to go about it.

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That can lead to a domino effect where you miss payments, your interest rates get raised, and then you can’t stay above water.